We have made more than 500 architectural services for other professionals. At the end of this page you will find our projects.


Architectural projects

Directed to architects for the complete development of their projects. We have a multidisciplinary team, made up of highly experienced specialists with different Master's degrees.

After many years of progress and experience, we offer a wide range of services designed to meet your objectives in time and costs.

We elaborate any service related to the Project using the BIM technology and according to CTE of:

- Survey of plans

- Proyect elaboration

- Measurements on plan and on site

- Calculation of structures

- Calculation of facilities

- Safety and hygiene projects

- Infographics, perspectives and 3D

- Construction solutions in works- Calculation of coefficient K with condensation graph

- Environmental qualification studies

- Telecommunications projects I.C.T.

- Models

Way of working:

- BUDGET of work. To do it to the measure, we need to provide or send by email to arquide@arquidestudio.com the blueprints of Project or Project and the type of service required.

- ELABORATION and free delivery of the BUDGET, of the service to be carried out.

- ORDER of the work, delivering signed the Budget by mail or fax.

- ELABORATION of the work with the appropriate conversations with the client or through paperwork by email or interviews when necessary.

- DELIVERY of work in computer support.


Projects and processing of licenses

We carry out and process projects for the application for Licenses of Works, Activities, Opening and Operation: Offices, Commercial Premises, Hotels and Restaurants.

Real estate management

If you are interested in building lots or buildings to rehabilitate in Madrid and its Community, as well as in other cities in Spain, we can facilitate contacts with owners for their acquisition.

Some of our work done:


- Urban infrastructures in Pau in the town of Toledo

- Complex composed by Aparta

-hotel, Shopping Center, Business Center, Parking and Services. Valdemoro, Madrid

- Aparthotel complex in Alicante

- Building to be rehabilitated for homes, premises and garage in Madrid

- Building to be rehabilitated for 4 star hotel in Madrid


- Museum in Pueblo Community of Madrid

- 10 Lofts in Madrid

- Development of 220 single-family homes in Illescas, Toledo

(Outline, structural calculations, facilities, measurements and budgets, etc.)

- 70 semi-detached houses in Cuenca

- 147 single-family homes organized in 5 blocks in Mijas, Málaga

- Building Residence of the 3rd Age in Pueblo de Toledo

- Building of 55 houses, commercial premises and garage in Toledo

- Office and loft building in Madrid

- Implementation of 381 commercial premises in Spain

- Bar-Cafeteria in Madrid

- Project activity and electrical premises in Buitrago de Lozoya

Plumbing, Electricity, Air conditioning, etc

- Building of 80 houses in Vicálvaro

- Building for Municipal Library

- 8 buildings formed by 248 homes and garage in Jerez

- Urban infrastructure project in Madrid

- 4 industrial buildings in Ajalvir

- Plaza de los Santos in Calasparra

- Detached house in El Escorial

- Solar energy calculation for a single-family housing project in Madrid- Nursery in Madrid

- Local office for a bank in Barcelona



- Building in Madrid to rehabilitate

- Office Building in Guadalajara

- 12 single-family homes in Madrid

- Housing development in Toledo

- 21 homes, garage and storage rooms in Madrid- Building of 106 homes in Las Encinas, Montecarmelo

- Cafeteria-Restaurant Aguilafuente

- Expansion of homes in Madrid

- Structure review for elevator installation



- 12 floors in Madrid

- 4 Locals in Madrid

- Residential building in Madrid

- Commercial premises in Madrid

- Town in Castilla y León

- Single-family house in Madrid

- Housing in Meco, Madrid



- 3 Castles- Building for School in Móstoles

- Ship with solar panels Industrial ship

- Local store in MóstolesOVER 20 INFOGRAPHIES

- Complex Office buildings, warehouse and greenhouse Valencia

- Office interior- Hotel 5 floors in Madrid- Museum in Guadalajara

- Single Family House in Madrid

- University Building in Madrid

- Housing Building in Madrid


NOTE: Due to our commitment to confidentiality we can not give more details of the work done.

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